L'attente des pèlerins aux piscines du Sanctuaire

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Going to the Baths

Enter a bath filled with water from the spring that flows in the Grotto of the Apparitions and experience something unique.

"Go and drink at the spring and wash yourself there!” these words of the Virgin Mary to Bernadette during one of the Apparitions inspired the creation of the Baths near the Grotto in which the pilgrims are immersed. Whether a believer or not, you are all invited to this very profound experience.

Did you know? The Hospitality of Our Lady of Lourdes, an ‘army’ of volunteers, was entrusted with the care of these baths which, from the very beginning, have been a source of prayer, renewal, joy and sometimes healing for millions of pilgrims.

What does it look like?

Le plateau des piscines est l'espace d'accueil des pèlerins avant d'entre dans les piscines