La Source à la Grotte

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Drinking at the Fountains

At the Fountains of the Sanctuary fed by the water from the Grotto of the Apparitions, you can respond to the invitation of the Virgin Mary: "Go and drink at the Spring".

The spring that flows in the Grotto, and which feeds the fountains of the Sanctuary, was uncovered by Bernadette Soubirous during the Apparitions of 1858 on the indications of the Virgin Mary. At the fountains, you can drink Lourdes water, splash it on your face, arms, legs ... As at the Grotto, it is not so much the gesture that counts, but the faith or the intention behind it.

Did you know? During the ninth Apparition, ‘the Lady’ asks Bernadette to go and scrape the soil at the back of the Grotto, saying, "Go and drink at the spring and wash yourself there". Little by little some muddy water begins to flow, enough for Bernadette to drink. Gradually this water becomes clear, pure and transparent.