Inauguration du chemin de la consolation

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Walking the Path of Consolation

Let yourself be comforted through this inner journey, primarily for those who have lost a child.

The Path of Consolation is a spiritual journey devised in collaboration with the Mère de Miséricorde Association. Situated below the Upper Way of the Cross (of the Espélugues), it ends in a specially adapted grotto called the ‘Grotto of the Two Marys’, a memorial dedicated to unborn children who have died. At the end of their journey the parents can give their unborn child a name and write it on a ‘Book of Life’.

More broadly, this inner journey is also open to all those who, marked by the trials of life, are in need of comfort. Moreover, the Path of Consolation is part of the Pilgrimage Theme for 2017. The Rector of the Sanctuary explains it thus: "It is a matter of entering into a process that one would like to call ‘The Magnificat of Hope’. The Magnificat is not the hymn of those for whom all is well, but it raises the hearts of those marked by hardship, and enables them to continue to advance in confidence, like Mary and Bernadette.”

The path of consolation was inaugurated at the close of the year of Mercy as a sign of the inexhaustible Mercy of God.