Synod Experience 2018

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Synod Experience 2018

All young people are invited to take part in a 'synod experience' to formulate concrete suggestions to be given to the Pope and the bishops of the Synod. Every good idea or suggestion is then put to a vote of the young people and then published in a the young people's white paper.


MAY 2018 : Thursday 3thfrom 2.30pm to / Tuesday 8thfrom 2.30pm to / Thursday 24thfrom 2.30pm to  / Tuesday 29th from 2.30pm to / Thursday 31thfrom 2.30pm to
JUNE 2018 :  Tuesday 5thfrom 2.30pm to / Thursday 7thfrom 2.30pm to / Thursday 14thfrom 2.30pm to / Tuesday 19th from 2.30pm to / Thursday 21th from 2.30pm to / Tuesday 26th from 2.30pm to / Thursday 28th from 2.30pm to
JULY 2018 :  Tuesday 10thfrom 2.30pm to / Saturday 14thfrom 2.30pm to / Tuesday 17th from 2.30pm to / Saturday 21thfrom 2.30pm to / Tuesday 24thfrom 2.30pm to / Saturday 28thfrom 2.30pm to / Tuesday 31thfrom 2.30pm to
AUGUST 2018 : Samedi 4thfrom 2.30pm to / Tuesday 7thfrom 2.30pm to / Saturday 11thfrom 2.30pm to / Saturday 18th from 2.30pm to / Tuesday 21thfrom 2.30pm to

What does it look like?

Expérience synode : les jeunes du Rosaire enthousiaste le 4 octobre 2017