All Saints’ Day

Published on 27 October 2021 - 11:21

As its name suggests, All Saints’ Day is the feast of all saints. On 1st November every year, in this Feast, the Church honours the untold crowds of those who have been living and shining witnesses of Christ.


All are called to holiness

Although some of these people have been officially recognised, at the culmination of a procedure known as “canonisation”, and given to us as models, the Church knows very well that many others have also lived with great faithfulness to the Gospel and to the service of all. And so, on this day of All Saints, Christians celebrate all saints, known and unknown.

This feast is therefore also an opportunity to remember that all humankind is called to holiness, undoubtedly by different paths, sometimes surprising or unexpected, but always accessible.

Holiness is not a path reserved for an elite: it is for all those who choose to follow in Christ’s footsteps. Pope John Paul II helped us understand this by beatifying and canonising numerous people, including figures as different as Father Maximilian Kolbe, Edith Stein, Padre Pio, and Mother Teresa… All Saints’ Day allows us to taste the joy of those who have put Christ at the centre of their life and to live in the hope of the Resurrection.


The reliquary of Saint Bernadette can come to you

In Lourdes, Saint Bernadette is honoured, and you, too, can welcome her in your diocese through a simple request of your bishop. All he needs to do is contact Brother Jean-Marcel Rossini :

A concert for the refurbishment of the parish church of Lourdes

On 6th November at 8:30 p.m., the Chamber Choir of Lourdes, under the direction of Arnaud Penet, will perform Anton Dvorak’s Stabat Mater in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (upper basilica).

Organised in partnership with the association Le toit du Chœur, this concert will be an opportunity to present the pictorial work of Philippe Pujo Ecce Homo alongside the musical inspiration that has accompanied the artist throughout his work in creating these 14 Stations of the Cross. After its exhibition during Les Estivales de Lourdes, the presentation of the work and its prestigious musical score will take place in Lourdes, at the Sanctuary, but also at the Escales d’automne de Sauveterre with the backing of the Hautes-Pyrénées Regional Council. The future Stations of the Cross in the parish church should, before their final installation, make a final detour to Toulouse at the Basilica of Saint-Sernin.

At the end of an eighteen-month dearth of live performances, Christian Gélis, Arnaud Penet and the members of the association will be delighted to be reunited with the public once again. During this long interlude, Le toit du Chœur continued its cultural activity through close collaboration with Philippe Pujo, and the fruit of this enables us to thank most warmly the patrons and donors who are support this project.

The evening is open to all with free entry, all proceeds going towards the ongoing refurbishment of the parish church.

Health passes and mask-wearing are compulsory in compliance with current anti-Covid 19 regulations