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Bulletin of the International Medical Association of Lourdes

The Bulletin of the International Medical Association o Lourdes is published for medical doctors and professors. It is published in four languages: French, Italian, Spanish and English.

Subscription Bulletin of the IMAL

SUMMARY OF the bulletin N. 341 - May 2018

  • Sandro de Franciscis  Editorial, p. 1
  • Mgr Jacques Benoît-Gonnin Decree recognizing the “prodigious miraculous” character and the value as a “divine sign” of the cure of Sister Bernadette Moriau, p. 4
  • Alessandro de Franciscis Sister Bernadette Moriau, the 70 th  miraculous cure of Lourdes, p. 5
  • Mgr Bruno Forte The Church, Mother of Mercy, p. 7
  • Mgr Alexandre Poirier Letter to Dr Vallet, p. 13
  • Auguste Vallet Our Bulletin, p. 15
  • Francis Rime Tears, p. 28
  • News, p. 31

Editorial of the Bulletin N. 338 - May 2017