réunion duComité Médical International de Lourdes (C.M.I.L.)

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The International Medical Committee of Lourdes

The International Medical Committee of Lourdes (C.M.I.L.). is made up of some 20 members, respected in their own particular area. This committee has been in existence since 1947.

In 1954, Bishop Théas wanted it to have a true international dimension. This committee is chaired jointly by the Bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes and one of its members nominated by the Bishop for a set period of time which can be renewed. The doctor of Lourdes is the secretary to this committee. This committee makes a judgement about a case. One or more of its members are them charged with examining it in detail and informing himself on all the medical literature published on related subjects... The person charged with the case may consult with colleagues on the outside. Normally the person concerned is not summoned to be present. The Committee meets once a year, in the autumn. They examine the current files, When everything is in place (this can take some time) the committee decides by way of a vote whether to declare or refuse to confirm that this cure is inexplicable according to present scientific knowledge.

A two-third majority is required for an affirmative vote. The medical result is sent to the bishop of the diocese where the cured person lives. The bishop would, naturally, have been kept up to date with the proceedings. If is appears that the result is going to be positive the bishop is advised, in advance, to set up locally a small medical committee who can, at the given moment, consider the conclusions of the committee. In the light of current events, the bishop can decide or abstain from recognising the "miraculous" character of this cure.

The current attitude of doctors is very respectful of the Magisterium of the Church. As Christians, they know that a miracle is a spiritual sign. They don't want to be judges on this matter. Moreover, for a modern mentality, it is difficult to say that something is "inexplicable". They can only say that it is "unexplained".