The miracle of the meeting

Published on 18 July 2018 - 18:16

Margarita Diego is a young American woman of Mexican origin. Coming to Lourdes this summer for the first time in her life, she was touched by the fact that, “here everyone spontaneously helps each other with great joy and good humour”. She calls this “the miracle of the encounter.”

Besides the unexplained physical cures attributed to Our Lady of Lourdes, officially recognised as miraculous
by the bishops of the diocese in which the persons cured reside (70 to date), we receive many testimonies of
graces received in Lourdes. We share these stories on the following pages.

Author, composer, performer… for God

The interview takes place on the eve of her departure. Under a beautiful azure sky, but in the sweltering heat. A storm is not far away. She arrives guitar in hand, full of freshness, smiling, ready to perform one of her latest hits from the album she has produced, by herself, and which is available on all major online download sites. Its title: Eternidad (Eternity). A whole programme that she tries to pass on, without preaching, to her high school students in Houston (USA) during her French classes. Because Margarita teaches the language of Molière across the Atlantic.

From art to discernment

The interview takes place in impeccable French with a slight sharp Spanish accent, her mother tongue. It’s also the language of her songs. Simply delectable. Coming to Lourdes is an idea that has taken the time to come to fruition in her head and in her heart. The idea grew in four stages. 1) In Mexico, during her childhood, there were statues of Our Lady of Lourdes in all the churches, but nobody to tell the story. 2) During a student stay in France, the lady with whom she stayed told her of her many pilgrimages to Lourdes to beg for the cure of her daughter touched by cancer: in vain, as the child eventually died. 3) An online video showing the testimony of an atheist who witnessed a healing in Lourdes that she watched with curiosity: the miracle impressed her certainly, but so did the person’s faith. 4) Finally, the return to America of a parish friend who returned from the place of Marian apparition and who said to her insistently: “Go and help!” Margarita thought it over in her head. There had been signs certainly, maybe even a call. She understood it all. She then applied to the Sanctuary to come as a volunteer. The answer was fast and positive. She bought airline tickets in October 2017 and Margarita was in Lourdes, for the first time in her life. It’s summer 2018.

A time of grace

For eleven days, Margarita worked in the service of pilgrims during the mornings, answering, their questions, at the arches located just before you come to the Grotto Area. In the afternoons, she helped pilgrims bathe, in the privacy of the piscines building. This last experience had a profound effect on the young woman. Beyond the wounded, deformed, elderly, damaged, paralysed, amputated, disabled, she saw “beauty in people’s hearts”. Margarita will never forget this discovery, directly from the Gospels. It is a grace she has received, forever writtne in her life: beauty often emanates from the smallest and the poorest. It is a school of humility. And another grace experienced in Lourdes? “Everyone here helps each other with great joy, spontaneously and with good humour.” Margarita calls this “the miracle of the encounter.” A miracle of which, according to her, “God is the instigator but complicit with the Virgin Mary”. Before saying goodbye, the young teacher wanted to share the message that God gave her in Lourdes. “I want you to be happy.” This is the experience of happiness to which each of us is called, and for all eternity.