Mgr Nicolas Brouwet, évêque de Tarbes et Lourdes

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"From the bottom of my heart, an immense thank!"

4 years after the floods, Bishop Nicolas Brouwet says a sincere thank you to all the benefactors of Lourdes.

the Message of Nicolas Brouwet, bishop of tarbes and lourdes

Mgr Nicolas Brouwet, évêque de Tarbes et Lourdes

"In 2012 and 2013 floods ravaged the Sanctuary of Lourdes. This important pilgrimage site was covered in mud and water. Today I am delighted to be able to show it to you restored and embellished  We have protected the Sanctuary against the risks of the Gave overflowing. At the end of November I presented all the protection works undertaken to the authorities of the French State and the Municipality of Lourdes. On this occasion, it took 40 people 8 hours to set up 207 meters of watertight panels and protection for 90 doors and windows. The Grotto area, the Church of Saint Bernadette, the Underground Basilica of Saint Pius X, the Accueil Notre Dame which accommodates hundreds of sick pilgrims every year, Saint Joseph’s Chapel, the Accueil Jean- Paul II and the Ave Maria where we house the volunteers serving the sick, are now safe from the risk of flooding. We are all relieved to see these works completed. I know that, without your generosity, we could not have undertaken them. Besides these necessary works we have also embellished the Grotto area. Every effort has been made to encourage meditation and silence. Our pastoral concern is to enable pilgrims to experience a pilgrimage that opens them to the mystery of grace by touching the rock, making the water gesture, and lighting a candle. All these gestures are now easier to perform. During this winter period we aim to complete the work by constructing an awning over the Baths and creating the Chapels of light. These works are only possible thanks to the generosity of benefactors who thereby demonstrate their attachment to Our Lady of Lourdes. You are one of them. By renewing my thanks, I wish you a happy and Holy Feast of the Nativity and entrust you to the maternal prayer of Our Lady of Lourdes."

Nicolas Brouwet, bishop of Tarbes and Lourdes

NB: I invite you to view the works on our internet site at the following address: Projet Grotte Cœur de Lourdes.

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