L'attente des pèlerins aux piscines du Sanctuaire

Another wonderful occurrence at the Baths!

On 3rd June 2016, Emanuela was dipped in the Baths of the Sanctuary of Lourdes. Everyone remained open-mouthed  before the expression on her face suddenly freed from all suffering.

Le jardin des fontaines du Sanctuaire de Lourdes

Discover the new fountains

The fountains, installed upstream of the Grotto in 1890, and fed with the water from the spring, are now situated downstream of the site of the apparitions. The purpose in moving them was to encourage silence in the Grotto...


Rosario di Lourdes 22 févr. 2018
Chapelet de Lourdes du jeudi 22 févr. 2018
Rosario di Lourdes 21 févr. 2018