Light a candle for your intentions

The “feutiers” of the Sanctuary will place your candle within 24 hours.
At Lourdes, millions of candles have been burning continuously since 1858. During the 4th apparition of the Virgin Mary on February 19, 1858, Bernadette prayed the rosary with a lighted candle in her hand. Before Bernadette left, the Virgin Mary asked her to let the candle burn at the Grotto. Your candle is one of the links in the continuous chain of prayer to Our Lady of Lourdes initiated by Bernadette. For the Virgin Mary, your candle is unique: it is the sign of a special prayer intention, a request, a thank you, an offering.

Chapels of Light

The sanctuary’s “feutiers” will light one or more candles for you in the chapels of light, opposite the Grotto

Grotto Candlestand

Every day, the Grotto candlestand carries the light to the heart of the rock. Be a part of this light, by lighting a candle.

Large sanctuary candles

The sanctuary’s “feutiers” will light one or more large, personalised candles for you in the Chapels of Light (15 kg, 35 kg, 70 kg).

Place and light a candle for your intentions

Offer a mass

You can ask the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes to celebrate a mass for your particular intentions.

Make a donation

Through your gift, you continue the work of Our Lady of Lourdes and help to welcome pilgrims and visitors.

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The Friends of Lourdes share a common attachment to the Sanctuary and a common devotion to Our Lady of Lourdes.

The Sanctuary survives purely on donations

In order to carry out its pastoral mission and to welcome all those who want to come on pilgrimage to Lourdes, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes appeals to the generosity of benefactors. It survives purely on donations. The Sanctuary does not receive any subsidies, either from the State, from the Church of France, or from the Vatican.

At your service

The donations service is here to support you and answer your questions (tax receipts, donations by post, information on donations, etc.).
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