The projects of the Sanctuary

I MAKE A DONATION to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes and I support the priority projects.

Hospitality and Mission

Acquisition of a first aid ambulance

€ 21,000

The ambulance of the first aid station is over 10 years old. It shows signs of age. The nurses and medical staff of the first aid station use the ambulance to provide emergency assistance throughout the Sanctuary.

Hospitality and Mission

Improving accessibility on the Sainte Bernadette Bridge

€ 409,300

This bridge was partially destroyed during the 2013 floods: the objective of renewing it is to remove the existing superstructure and replace it with a wide bridge with a shallower slope, creating easier accessibility for all, especially for pilgrims in wheelchairs.

Collective worship

Installation of a fire safety system in the attic of the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception

€ 152,000

Further to the fire of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris in April 2019, the Sanctuary needs to implement fire protection measures in the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Warning devices, thermal cameras and water pipes will be studied and implemented as part of a comprehensive protection system.

and Laudato Si

Management of the right bank of the River Gave de Pau

€ 768,000

Several types of intervention. High priority works to reinforce the embankment by major interventions (riprap and sheet piling). Medium priority works to reinforce the embankments by gravelling, soil input and revegetation. Type 3: secondary and preventive works to protect and upgrade embankments by plantations and weirs

Heritage and history

Restoration of Notre-Dame Chapel

€ 156,000

The flooding of the River Gave de Pau and general wear and tear wreaked havoc on the chapel, which now requires a complete restoration. In keeping with its original style, the decoration will be sober and natural. The sound and video equipment must be replaced. Les équipements son et vidéo doivent être remplacés.

Heritage and history

Basilica of St. Pius X – Cathodic prevention device

€ 550,000

Since its construction, the Basilica has been protected from groundwater by metal sheet piles to delay aging caused by rust. Today this cathodic protection system needs to be totally revised.

Heritage and history

Lighting and highlighting of the Sanctuary

€ 1,500,000

Renew the ageing facilities to enhance the heritage of Lourdes, while creating an atmosphere conducive to prayer, meditation, and facilitating the organisation of celebrations. Meet the challenges of Laudato Si by improving energy saving and contributing to the protection of the Pic du Midi / Réserve Internationale de Ciel Étoilé (“International Dark Sky”). Improve accessibility for visually impaired pilgrims and the elderly.

and Laudato Si

Green space equipment

€ 12,000

The Sanctuary covers an area of 53 hectares of which 30 hectares of lawns, woods and gardens. Much of the gardening equipment needs to be renewed. As a matter of urgency, 2 leaf blowers and 4 brush cutters need to be replaced.

and Laudato Si

Tree Heritage Management Plan of the Youth Village

€ 277,400

608 trees planted in the Youth Village area show signs of weakness. A first felling and clearing programme has been carried out. This will be compensated by a major reforestation operation.

and Laudato Si

Hydropower plant: upstream and downstream systems compliance

€ 1,100,000

The concession for electricity production, granted by the French Government since 1894, has now expired. The power plant covers 50% of the Sanctuary's annual electricity needs: therefore, upgrading it aims to minimise its ecological impact on the River Gave de Pau and increase the Sanctuary's independence from energy price fluctuations.