From 3rd -7th May 2019 61st. International Lourdes Pilgrimage of the Order of Malta

Published on 3 May 2019 - 08:59

Every year, at the beginning of May, the international pilgrimage of the Order of Malta brings together hospitality, pilgrims and sick or disabled people.

This almost thousand-year-old institution accompanies 48 nationalities in Lourdes. Last year Fra ‘Giacomo Dalla Torre was elected Grand Master of the Order. He pledged to continue the work of reforming the Constitution of the Order of Malta started in 2017 to ensure it adapts to the developments of recent decades.

From 3rd. to 7th. May, thousands of pilgrims, will come from all continents, in response to Mary’s call. The pilgrimage to Lourdes allows them to pursue their original vocation which is the service of the sick or disabled, as symbolised by the famous eight-pointed cross that adorns their beautiful red and black uniform.

Malte 2019