The infectious joy of young volunteers in Lourdes!

Published on 6 August 2019 - 09:11

Young people have a generosity that does not diminish. In Lourdes, in the service of welcoming pilgrims, thousands of people come each year to experience the giving of self as part of a period of volunteering. Report.

15 young volunteers tell their joy of placing themselves at the service of welcoming pilgrims in Lourdes. Why do they commit to this service for a day, a week, a month or more? Why do they choose Lourdes? Renowned Sanctuary reporter, Laurent Jarneau went to meet them and gave them the opportunity to explain. Their names are – in order of appearance on screen – Charlotte, Charlene, Augustin, Shona, Anthony, Flora, Florent, Michel, Juline, Emma, ​​Lea, Francis, Marie, Paul and Raphael. Their message is a unanimous one: in Lourdes, through volunteering to serve, they feel happy. Above all, they discover a real treasure: that of the importance of encountering others who are different from them. Their hearts are uplifted. It is an experience of inner joy.

Volunteer with the pilgrim reception service in Lourdes: