Become hospitaller

It is the hospitallers and brancardiers who make it possible for so many sick people to visit Lourdes.  These volunteers use their holiday times and pay their own fare and stay to come and be with those who suffer.

Hospitalité of Notre-Dame de Lourdes

This hospitalité is responsible for welcoming all pilgrims but especially those who are sick or disabled, meeting them at the station or airport.  This network of volunteers contributes to the smooth functioning of the services at Lourdes and makes it possible for celebrations to happen without difficulty. More

Diocesan or national hosptitalités

A hospitalité  could be that of a diocese or be connected to a pilgrimage organization (for example, L’Hospitalité  Notre-Dame de Salut’ for the Assumptionist pilgrimage). These hospitallers accompany and care for the sick who come to Lourdes with an organized pilgrimage.