Centre for Family and Disability

Are you here either on your own or with family and are you affected by a disability? The Disabled Pilgrims Service is here to welcome you.

Disabled Pilgrims Service
Sanctuary of Lourdes
Saint Michael’s Gate 65100 Lourdes
Tel: + 33 (0)5 62 42 79 92 lourdes@och.fr
Times during the pilgrimage season : 9.30 am- noon and 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm (except Sunday and Monday morning)

Check out the official website of the OCH Foundation www.och.fr

The Disability Service is a space in the Sanctuary led by the OCH (Christian Board for disabled people), which provides:

  •  a cup of coffee and a chat
  • a listening ear and a helping hand
  • practical advice for organising your pilgrimage to Lourdes taking into account the various forms of disability (learning, physical, sensorial or psychological)
  • the loan of a wheelchair
  • a person who can use sign language.
  • a tactile model of the Sanctuary…

Some typical questions you may wish to ask:

  •  My 44-year-old husband is disabled. We want to come to Lourdes. How do we go about it?
  • We live in Canada. We are coming to Lourdes for three days as a family with my wife who is suffering from Charcot disease. We would like a personalised home-from-home visit with support from a priest.
  • Our schizophrenic son is coming to Lourdes. What assistance can you offer him?
  • I am coming to Lourdes with a group of hearing-impaired people. How best can we benefit from our visit?
  • I am coming to Lourdes with a young Down Syndrome boy. How can I make him aware of the message of Bernadette?