I received from Heaven and I have to pass it on

Published on 4 December 2018 - 15:54

Joanne, from Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean), discovered Lourdes during a pilgrimage to shrines in Europe. She describes how, in Lourdes, Mary remembered her.

I discovered Lourdes in 2017 during a pilgrimage beginning in Rome where, in front of a Pietà, I had felt Mary’s pain and, at the same time, a great peace. In Lourdes, at the Baths, I was at first intimidated and I found the water very cold. Then very quickly I was attracted by the gaze of the Virgin on me, that of the statuette placed in front of me. At the same time a gentle heat filled me. This feeling was very fleeting. The next day, despite my tight schedule, I heard a sort of call to go back to the Baths. This time, under the very reassuring eyes of the ladies, I understood that Mary was there. She was waiting for me. As soon as my foot touched the water, it felt hot and a warmth flooded me from head to toe. My heart rate accelerated. And always I felt this inner peace. I heard both in my ears and in my heart a small voice saying, “Come here and help me, help the people who are suffering.” I was still very calm as I embraced the ladies of the hospitalité. As I left, guided by Providence I tried to find out how I could serve at the Sanctuary.

After Lourdes, my pilgrimage continued to Fatima where Mary was also waiting for me. During a confession, the priest consecrated me to Mary. I heard a voice again, “Help the sufferers, the mothers who have lost a child.” I cried with joy. I went home, where despite several bereavements, a road accident, which caused me to postpone my trip several times, I clung to my decision to return to Lourdes.

One year later, I am volunteering in the Sanctuary…

In 2018, as soon as I arrived, I rushed to the feet of the Crowned Virgin Statue. “I’m here, Mum!” I felt her arms embrace me. In each service I perform at the Sanctuary, I feel at home. I’m not alone anymore. I describe it as feeling like the letter L: I received from heaven (I) and I have to pass it on (-).