Placing a candle

Why light a candle in Lourdes? By placing a candle at the Sanctuary, near the Grotto, you also leave your prayer intentions; you remember your loved ones…

Why ? On 19th february 1858, at the fourth Apparition, Bernadette arrived at the Grotto for the first time with a blessed candle. She held it in her hands up to the end. It is from this gesture that the custom of lighting candles was born. Following her example, you are invited to light and burn your candles on the right bank of the Gave, in the Chapel of Light, which is conducive to meditation and prayer.

Pope Francis said… “Many works become dark because of lack of light and lack of prayer. Prayer is what maintains light, what gives life to the Christian light, what illuminates”.

Did you know ? In the Sanctuary there are votive candle racks. The candles are not for sale but an ‘offering’ is suggested (each person giving what they can). These offerings are an important source of revenue for the care and maintenance of the Sanctuary.