Basilica of St Pius X - Cathodic Protection System


Consecrated in 1958, the Basilica of St Pius X is the largest church in the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is 12,000m² (201m long and 81m wide) with a capacity of 25,000 people (5,000 seated)
Since its construction, the Basilica has been protected from groundwater by peripheral steel sheet piling. This is connected to a pumping device and prevents the building from being flooded. (In 2013 it was this pumping device that was swamped with muddy water and the Basilica was flooded).
The sheet piling contributes to waterproofing the building, which is why it must be protected from aging caused by rust. The designers installed a cathodic protection system, which creates an electrochemical reaction thus protecting the metal from rust.
To preserve the Basilica of St Pius X long-term, this cathodic protection system must be totally overhauled.
Basilica of St Pius X Cathodic Protection System


Technical study by experts CCTA and monitoring of the installation: 2021-2023

Modernisation of internal installations: 2022

Modernisation of external installations: 2023



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