Creation of a tree management plan for the Youth Village

Creation of a tree management plan for the Youth Village


The Sanctuary’s Youth Village in an exceptional site of 15 hectares in the mountains, just 10 minutes’ walk from the Grotto. With a capacity of 380 beds and 2000 places to camp, the Village is very popular with the young people on pilgrimage and who serve in the Sanctuary.
After an initial assessment by the French National Forestry Office of the 608 trees planted in the grounds of the Youth Village, it is clear that the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes must establish a long-term tree management plan for the Youth Village.
The assessment highlighted the weaknesses of many of the trees. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes has begun a programme of pruning and felling, which will be compensated by a significant replanting operation.


The safety of young people using the village

The sustainability of a high-quality arboreal heritage

The guiding principle of biodiversity in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si encyclical



• Consultation with companies based on the French National Forestry Office’s
• Pruning/thinning and planting
• Continuing assessments with the French National Forestry Office
• Work completion period : 12 months


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