Improvement of accessibility to St. Bernadette’s bridge

Amélioration de l’accessibilité PMR du pont Ste Bernadette


In 1981 the original bridge between the Arcades and Saint Bernadette’s Church was doubled in width with the addition of a similar structure, giving a 12-meter-wide crossing of the Gave de Pau river, to ease the flow of pilgrims around the Sanctuary.
The bridge was partially destroyed in the floods of 2013. Although the steel and wood super structure of the original part of the construction survived, the half of the bridge that been added in 1981 had to be dismantled.
In addition to the fact that the bridge must be widened to facilitate the flow of pilgrims in general, the gradient of the slope needs to be reduced for wheelchair users and the pilgrims who use the Sanctuary’s blue carriages for the sick.
The objective of this project is to remove the existing super structure and replace it with a wide bridge with a lower gradient, creating easier accessibility for all.


Improved flow of pilgrims

Improved accessibility for wheelchairs users and sick pilgrims in blue carriages

Reduced difficulties for hospitallers and others providing assistance



  • Study phase and calls for tender:
    5 months
  • Works phase: 5 months
    imperatively outside the pilgrimage season


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