Volunteers at the Sanctuary Our Lady of Lourdes

Are you looking for a meaningful experience? The Sanctuary gives you the opportunity to share moments with pilgrims in Lourdes and make a positive impact in the life of people.

How to become volunteer in the Sanctuary of Lourdes

Requirements to become a volunteer in Lourdes

  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Physical aptitude for regular work.
  • Commitment to a specific time period.
  • Submit your application on line two mounths before the period you ask for

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Why get involved ?

You will share a great human experience with others, you will expend your knowledge, and you will meet new people and culture.

A large number of missions are proposed in compliance with your availabilities, your skills and your own wishes. The international center of volunteers will propose to you the best missions available that suits you.

What is the mission ?

In volunteering, you must accept the challenge of meeting, of being attentive and participating in the mutual sharing and collaboration of all those being welcomed. To be a volunteer is to commit oneself to living in a spirit of fraternity and in committing particular attention to the “little ones “.

The Sanctuary will provide the volunteer with accommodation and food, except during the winter period (November to March). The volunteer is asked to help by contributing €12 per day for meals and accommodation.


Volunteers Centre
Tel. +33 (0)5 62 42 79 04