With Lourdes, let’s pray for peace

Published on 14 January 2021 - 16:52

During lockdown, we ensured that there was continuous prayer from the Grotto. Many of you followed this. At this time, when our world is going through a period of often intense strain, the “chapelains” of the Sanctuary community want to reinstate this prayer on Saturdays.

With Lourdes, let’s pray for peace.

Prayer broadcast on TV channels

Let us not forget the words of the Virgin to Bernadette, “I am the Immaculate Conception”, but also “Penance! Penance! Penance!” She, who suffered so much at the foot of the Cross, can calm the turmoil we feel when faced with this situation. May those who are familiar with how relationships work in Lourdes, this unique partnership between the most vulnerable and members of the hospitality, bring it to life in prayer today, in front of the Grotto. Let us pray that Our Lady of Lourdes will help us to start opening the door to Heaven, the Kingdom of love.

Saturdays will be punctuated by a mass and a rosary in various languages, and, between these times, prayers to Mary that she may intercede for peace in our world. 

From Saturday 16th January at 10 a.m., this prayer starts at the Grotto,
and the broadcast of the mass on KTO (France).

Marian Prayer at the Grotto for Peace 

8:30 : IT Masses, (TV 2000)
9:15 : TA Mass
10:00 : FR Mass (KTO)
10:45 : Marian prayer
11:15 : PL Mass
12:00 : Angelus + Marian prayer
12:30 : Marian Prayer
13:00 : Marian Prayer
13:30 : Marian Prayer
14:00 : TA Rosary 
14:30 : PL Rosary
15:00 : EN Rosary 
15:30 : FR Rosary (KTO)

16:00 : SP Rosary
16:30 : SP Mass
17:15 : N Mass
18:00 : IT Rosary (TV 2000)

18:30 : Angelus
18:45 : Marian prayer
19:15 : Marian prayer