A voice awakens Sali, “Get up! Go to Lourdes! “

Published on 13 November 2018 - 10:27

Born in the Ivory Coast, to a Muslim family, Sali never prayed. She could not read or write. Absolutely nothing prepared her for an encounter with Our Lady of Lourdes. She arrived in the Paris region of France in 1977. Barely educated, her four children converted to Catholicism. It was a fall on her way to work that would change her life.

For three months, I could not go back to work because I fell while I was out. One morning, at 4 am, I was awakened by two taps on my thigh and a voice that said to me, “Get up! Go to Lourdes!” I did not know anything about Lourdes. While he was having a clear-out, my director had suggested I choose a book. I do not know how to read. I chose one because of its cover. I asked my daughter … it was the story of Bernadette Soubirous! There I was faced with this mysterious invitation. One of my friends goes regularly to Lourdes. I asked her to accompany me. Providence gave us money for travel and accommodation. On the train to Lourdes, I felt a reassuring presence enveloping me. In front of the Grotto, I asked my friend, “What am I doing? I do not know how to pray.” She was annoyed. “Look, you woke me up at 6am to come to Lourdes. Now that you’re here, you can at least find something to say to Mary. Speak in your dialect. Speak to her as you would to a person!” Words came to me, “I do not know who brought me here. I put myself in your hands.” Then we went to the Baths. I was trembling. The members of the hospitality prayed for me. As soon as I entered the water, I felt released from my burdens. When I returned to the Paris region, I started work again. I returned to Lourdes in the following years to give thanks. I have lived there since my retirement. I was baptised surrounded by my whole family. I am involved in the Mouvement Sacerdotal Marial. I learned to read with … The Diary of Graces. Thank you, Lourdes!
Sali (France)