1. Go to the Grotto

You are here because someone is expecting you. Look up at Mary. As the apparition taught Bernadette, make a meaningful sign of the cross: In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In your heart, think of those who are suffering or who need support. Entrust them to the maternal protection of Our Lady of Lourdes.

2. Reflect in silence

You are not coming into a museum. You can feel at home here. Bernadette said, “The Grotto was my heaven. In front of this rock so inviting that it has received billions of caresses, you are beckoned to look at Mary, who will illuminate your life and will help you to overcome difficulties in your daily life or to recover confidence lost due to adversity.

3. Make a gesture with the water

“Go and drink at the spring” is Mary’s invitation to Bernadette on 25th February 1858 (9th apparition). Bernadette scrapes in the earth and brings to light the spring from which we can drink at the taps today. It is ordinary water, like that of neighbouring springs. Although many healings are associated with it, it is neither consecrated nor miraculous. It is God who heals through the intercession of the Virgin Mary and the prayer of Christians. Bernadette said herself, “This water would have no virtue without faith. “

4. Leave a candle

5. Light a candle

Nobody leaves Lourdes without lighting a candle: “This light extends my prayer”. By taking a candle, you are making an offering to the Sanctuary.

* Taps provided for filling bottles are accessible near the first bridge.