Lourdes February Days of 2019 : “Blessed are the poor”

Published on 20 December 2018 - 11:51

“Blessed are the poor” a word, a challenge for today.

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Material poverty today is mobilising entire nations.
Spiritual poverty leads even young people to choose death. The misery suffered is humiliating and dehumanising. But wealth, which refuses to share, degrades and corrupts us. The Gospel does not promote social revolution, but it is revolutionising hearts. The master is enslaved and washes the feet of the poorest. This is not a simple reversal of situation for the two discover that they are brothers, loved by the same Father, and like-minded.

Father André Cabes, Rector

Preview of the movie "Lourdes"

During the Lourdes February Days, directors Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai will screen their film entitled “Lourdes”, due to be released on 8th May 2019.

Saint Bernadette honored throughout the year

The relics of Saint Bernadette will be on display. There will be a special time for veneration twice a week, after the international mass, on Wednesdays and Sundays. In addition, Bernadette’s reliquary will continue its travels in Europe with new stopovers in France, Italy and Spain.

The path of Bernadette that leads to the nearby village of Bartrès (the village where she lived before the Apparitions and where she looked after the sheep) will be made more accessible.

The church of Saint Bernadette, inaugurated in 1988, needs complete renovation: the work will consist in particular of creating a more modular space in the church. Where previously the church could be divided into two separate spaces, the new design will allow for a number of different arrangements which can cater for a few hundred or for several thousands of pilgrims.

An annual calendar  highlights the important dates in Bernadette’s life, allowing pilgrims to obtain the indulgence bestowed this year.

A new liturgy, “From the mud flows the spring”, evokes the discovery of the spring by Bernadette and which also symbolises her journey, from the misery of the Cachot to the maternal grace of the Virgin Mary.

A approach to pilgrimage offered over the course of two days for a better understanding of the life and spirituality of Bernadette (accompanied visits, conferences, sacraments, processions …).

In addition, the Sanctuary of Lourdes is associated with two wonderful cultural projects that highlight the life and the message of the little girl from Lourdes who became a saint:

The musical “Bernadette of Lourdes“, in residence in Lourdes for several months. A magnificent saga that combines the talent of its creators (music by Grégoire, direction by Serge Denoncourt, lyrics by Lionel Florence and Patrice Guirao) with incredible historical accuracy to offer an unprecedented encounter with the message of Lourdes.

In May, national cinema release of the film “Lourdes”, directed by Thierry Demaizière and Alban Teurlai. This documentary aims to give the starring role to the sick and vulnerable pilgrims, to try to understand why, like Bernadette, “they are attracted to the Grotto”.

Conference, reports, vigil, projection ...

Internet registrations for the Lourdes February Days are now closed.

However, you are still welcome to participate jdf@lourdes-france.com
50 € -The participation fee allows the Sanctuary to cover organisational expenses (logistics set-up, equipment rental, simultaneous translation, speaker travel, printing of documents …).