Month of May, month of Mary

A white flower for Our Lady of Lourdes

In this month of Mary, from 1st – 31st May 2022, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes invites you to place a white flower at the foot of the statue of the Crowned Virgin on the large esplanade in front of the Rosary Basilica.

Pilgrims gather in front of her in their thousands, to give thanks for graces received. By tradition, they wind flowers through the railings that surround the statue of the Crowned Virgin. A gesture of tenderness and gratitude.
For those who are prevented from coming to Lourdes, the Sanctuary is offering to lay a white flower at the statue for Our Lady.

A prayer for each day of the month of Mary

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us poor sinners.

Mary, woman of attentiveness, decision, and action, illuminate our minds and our hearts.

Our Lady of Lourdes, hear our ardent prayers. Defend us against the enemies of our salvation and against our own weaknesses. 

Mary, enlighten the eyes of my heart. 

O Mary, give me your heart that I may worthily honour the Blessed Sacrament.

Holy Mary, give me a child’s heart.

O Our Lady, we come to implore your protection and seek through your intercession the blessings of the heart of Jesus.

Mary, Mother of hope, walk with us, protect humanity in the third millennium. Watch over all Christians.

Look upon the Morning Star, call upon Mary.

Mary, shine on us and lead us on our way!  

Our Lady of the ‘Yes’, teach us to respond as you did. 

Mary, you are the familiar help of my soul. 

Mary Mother of the Church, illuminate the darkness of our lives.

O Mother of Sorrows! Unite my heart with the passion of Jesus Christ.

You love us, Mary mother of tenderness, as Jesus loves us.

O Mary Immaculate, fill our hearts with your celestial fragrance.

Mary, Star of the Sea, blessed gate of heaven, grant us a holy life.

Mary, dwelling place of the Holy Spirit, guide us in the spirit of the Beatitudes. 

O Beloved Mother, draw us into your brightness, bear us into the light of Love. 

Mary, most merciful virgin, I implore your help. 

Holy Mary, Mother of believers, pray for us.

O Mary, accompany each of the sick on their way to holiness.

Holy Virgin Mary, I beg you always and everywhere to come to my aid.

Most Loving Mother, take me as I am and use me as you will.

Mary, full of grace, enlighten my understanding.

Mary, immaculate in body and soul, look kindly upon us, poor sinners.

Mary, Mother of Mercy, our life, our sweetness, our hope, turn your eyes of mercy towards us. 

Mary, grant us peace! 

Most Holy Virgin Mary, teach us to become true disciples of your Son, Jesus Christ.

O Mary, help us to build a society that values life, truth and love.

Virgin Mary, cast a look of kindness on those who are in pain, grant hope and peace to all.