All my prayers answered

Published on 15 October 2018 - 10:50

Married for forty-four years, mother of three children and grandmother of two, Marie-Claude dreamed of making a pilgrimage to Lourdes, with her husband, just them and their faith. This dream came true on 3rd. October during the Rosary pilgrimage to Lourdes.

“I was born and raised in a home of great love and great faith. My parents took part in the Rosary pilgrimage to Lourdes, each year, until their health no longer permitted it. They died in the peace that God alone gives. I prayed to Mary every night I watched over them. All the prayers I make are answered. I always look to the Virgin and I know, I understand, that all I receive is to be given, to be shared around. Today, thanks to the free Sanctuary app (you can download it from Google play or the App store), I am connected to Lourdes every day. I never miss a rosary, at 3.30 pm (in French) at the Grotto. We came on pilgrimage for the first time with our three children thirty-two years ago. Married for forty-four years, my husband and I were looking forward to experiencing Lourdes, just the two of us and our faith. And all my prayers came true, especially that of meeting the priests I see from my home thanks to the app. When I went into the Baths all my fears disappeared. I am hard of hearing. I removed my hearing aids before entering the water. Despite the isolation I feel because of my deafness, I was able to pray and entrust all my intentions to Our Lady of Lourdes, one in particular: that I might hear my children and my grandchildren for as long as God lends me life. I received immense grace while I was there: I cried, without stopping. These tears washed away many buried sufferings. Another grace was granted to me, during the High Stations of the Cross. Before the XIII station, my husband and I both felt the joy of the Resurrection at precisely the same time. In our family, we have endured the suffering of stillborn children. I followed the Path of Consolation where I felt the love of our mother of Heaven. We met a priest there whom we asked to say a mass for us. As I wrote at the beginning of my story, all my prayers are answered. To end this wonderful day, we decided to attend a Mass at the Rosary Basilica. Guess who was celebrating it? … We came back from Lourdes filled with an immense faith. Thank you, Mary! “
Marie-Claude (France)